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Angelfish - Dwarf

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Saltwater Angelfish for Sale

Dwarf Angelfish are colorful fish that are considerably smaller than their full-sized counterparts. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but should reach only a maximum length of about 6 inches, making them more suitable for average home aquariums. These fish are considered semi-aggressive and should not be housed with other dwarf angelfish of the same species or with similar colors/patterns unless in a very large aquarium with ample hiding spaces.

FAQs About Saltwater Angelfish

Dwarf angelfish are significantly smaller than their full-sized counterparts and only grow to about 6", with most averaging around 4", depending on the species.

Some can be added with caution, but should be watched carefully. While these fish are generally peaceful some can be quite destructive and enjoy snacking on coral or other small invertebrates.

It is always best to go with the largest aquarium you can, but a dwarf angel should not be housed in anything smaller than 50 gallons.