Prescription Allergy Medication and Relief for Dogs

Prescription allergy medication and relief for dogs. Help them get the relief they need.

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Allergy Relief

Prescription Allergy Medicine & Relief for Dogs

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Allergy Medicine for Dogs to Relieve Discomfort

Pick up some allergy medicine for dogs from Petco to provide relief for your pet. If your pooch has been spending more time scratching than fetching, it might be their allergies acting up. Just like people, canines can become sensitive to allergens in their environment. If you notice that your pup is sneezing, constantly licking or has watery eyes, consult your veterinarian. They’ll help you decide which dog allergy treatment will soothe your pet.

Skin Conditions Caused by Allergies

Lesions of the skin or hot spots can give rise to endless frustration for your pup. These skin irritations generally start as a flea bite or underlying allergy. Your pooch may lick or bite the itch to sooth it, but this only makes it worse. Allergy medicine for dogs can help prevent hot spots by treating the source of the problem. However, if the treatment was not prescribed in advance, you may need to give your dog hot spot and itch relief to keep them from exacerbating their wounds.

What Can I Give My Dog for Allergies?

Petco carries five types of prescription medications and antihistamines for dogs that help soothe discomfort. Each can be given orally and is available in capsule or tablet form for dogs, cats, and other small animals. While most work to control symptomatic itching, there are some differences. We’ll help you understand what each allergy relief for dogs treats and why your veterinarian might prescribe one over the other:

Clemastine: An antihistamine in tablet form that belongs to a group of H1 blockers. It works by stopping the actions of histamine in the body, which cause many of the symptoms we see when an allergic reaction occurs. Clemastine has less of a sedative side effect compared to the other medications.

Cyproheptadine: Another antihistamine for dogs used in the treatment of allergies, atopy, and asthma in pets. It is also prescribed to treat serotonin syndrome and as an appetite stimulant for cats. Cyproheptadine tablets help decrease inflammation and itching and block the chemical serotonin.

Hydroxyzine for dogs: An antihistamine that comes in two forms— Hydroxyzine Pamoate and Hydroxyzine HCI. Both remedy symptoms caused by allergies, flea bite dermatitis, atopy, and hives. Hydroxyzine Pamoate, the generic form of Vistaril, is available in capsule form and Hydroxyzine HCI, the generic form of Atarax, is available in tablet form.

Cyclosporine: A Medication that suppresses the immune system and is used to treat immune-mediated diseases, especially those involving the blood or skin. At lower doses, Cyclosporine for dogs treats allergies to airborne substances and is available in capsule form.

Other Types of Allergy Relief for Dogs

Besides providing allergy medicine for dogs and hot spot relief to help comfort your canine, you may also consider investing in a cone or e-collar to stop your pup from continuing to lick or bite their irritation. By consulting your veterinarian, you’ll find the underlying issue and the best treatment that includes allergy medicine for dogs or another preventive medication.

How Do I Order Prescription Allergy Relief for Dogs?

If the pollen has your pup licking their paws or an itch has them biting their back quarters, explore Petco's wide selection of dog allergy treatments. When you’re ready to order add the item to your cart, fill in your pet and veterinarian’s information, and Petco will handle getting the prescription.