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Prescription Insulin for Cats & Diabetes Medication

Excess thirst and weight loss are a few symptoms of diabetes if cats. If you see these symptoms in your cat, they may be suffering from diabetes. Treatment for diabetes in cats is focused on managing the disease and typically involves daily insulin injections, which your veterinarian will train you on. The key is keeping your cat’s blood sugar near normal levels, avoiding levels that are too high or too low as they can be life threatening. The cause of diabetes in cats is unknown but is thought to be genetic, while some cats are predisposed due to obesity. Consult with your veterinarian to diagnose and prescribe the proper care for your cat. Improper administration of insulin can cause weakness, shaking, unsteadiness, and sometimes convulsions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms of diabetes in your cat include excessive thirst and urination, increased weight loss despite increased appetite, loss of interest, lack of appetite and vomiting.

The cause of diabetes in cats is unknown, although obese cats are the most predisposed to developing the disease.