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Retractable Dog Leashes

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Retractable Dog Leashes

Retractable dog leashes allow you to extend, lock and shorten your leash with a push of a button. They give your pup the freedom to walk at their own pace but without you letting them off leash completely. Retractable leashes are most useful in rural settings and unpopulated areas. For guidance on how to best protect your canine friend while using a retractable leash in a busier neighborhood, consult the product instructions or talk to a trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retractable leashes allow dog parents to shorten or lengthen their pet’s leash with the push of a button. Retractable leashes typically extend from 16 to 26 feet.

When using your retractable leash, be sure to make frequent safety checks, stay aware of your environment and keep the locking mechanism engaged while walking in populated areas. Ensure that the leash properly locks in place and that it’s not chewed or worn.

Retractable leashes should be used with a flat-buckle collar or back-attach harness.