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Reptile Food Including Crickets, Mealworms, and More!

Serve up some creepy, crawly cuisine of live crickets, fruit flies, mealworms and other assorted reptile food from Petco. Have your herp help himself to a healthy diet of bugs that will leave him feeling full and worry-free for the rest of his days.

Reptile food comes in a variety of forms and formulas to suit the unique needs of each breed. There’s little need to worry about finding the right reptile food for your pet; the selection of live treats and prepackaged pellets at Petco are clearly labeled for easy pickup. Understanding the nutritional needs of your own pet will help you find the right reptile food for them. Some prefer grass and vegetables, others consume insects, and some enjoy a healthy mix of both bugs and veggies. Petco offers a selection of live reptile food that includes live crickets, fruit flies and mealworms. There are also pellets and supplements for pet parents who don’t want to deal with the hassle of live feeding. Remember to consult your vet when building a menu for your pet to ensure you meet their dietary needs.

And while the thought of wrapping your hands around fruit flies or live crickets that wiggle and squirm might make your own skin crawl, there are many species of snakes, lizards – even amphibians and turtles – that require a live meal as part of their balanced diet. Pet parents who want a reptile to bring home but don’t want the mess of live prey can stick with freeze-dried insects for a less skin-crawling meal option.

Supplying your pet with a balanced diet of reptile food is important to their growth and overall wellness. Find your reptile’s favorite meal at Petco today.