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Reptile Food: Live Crickets, Mealworms, and More

Feed your pet a delicious diet of live bugs. Or opt for a frozen or dried variety. Reptile food comes in many forms and formulas, and at Petco we can help you meet the unique dietary needs of each species—whether they’re a snake, frog or lizard. Supplying your pet with a balanced diet is a crucial part of their growth and overall wellness. Find your pet’s go-to meal at Petco today.

FAQs about Reptile Food

Depending on your breed of reptile, they may eat a diet of live rodents or insects, or dried pellets.

That depends on your reptile. Some snakes eat 1x per week, while geckos and bearded dragons eat every day. But you should ensure they always have access to fresh water.

No, all reptiles have different dietary requirements depending on their species and age. Read our reptile care guide as a starter.

Some reptiles will require live food, and others do not. Check with your reptile’s veterinarian when deciding their menu options.