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Flightless Fruit Flies- d.hydei
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Flightless Fruit Flies- d.melanogaster

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Fruit Flies: Flightless Fruit Flies Feeder Insects | Petco

Swarm up some flightless fruit flies for your hungry herp at Petco. A full reptile is a happy reptile, and many reptiles are happiest with live food meals. Fruit flies are among the most common feeder insects that pet parents can give to their ravenous reptiles, and are a delectable treat for any cold-blooded companion.

The flightless fruit flies available at Petco are a great meal time option for a variety of companions, from small reptiles and amphibians, to even arachnids. As their name implies, these feeder insects are completely flightless, so you will never have to worry about opening the tube they come in and being swarmed by a squad buzzing around. Fruit flies are available in different sizes for different species: D. Melanogaster are each about the size of a pinhead cricket, approximately 1/16”, and D. Hydei, which are a little larger, at 1/8” in size. Both size options are available in a four vial pack with approximately 50 to 100 fruit flies in each vial. Simply pop the top on the lid and shake the flightless fruit flies out at dinner time. Best of all, these will continue to produce new cultures of feeder insects for up to 6 weeks, so you won’t have to worry about rushing out to the food aisle as often. Be sure to follow the included care instructions to make sure your cultures are producing as many new flies as they can.

While some reptiles and amphibians can survive on a pellet diet, others are carnivorous and need a live meal that engages their natural hunting instincts. Pick up a package of fruit flies for your reptile pet and bring a buzz of excitement to meal time.