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Reptile Habitat Filters & Pumps

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Reptile Filters

Reptile filters designed for your aquatic or semi-aquatic reptile are beneficial to your pet and can also help reduce the required water maintenance. Filters help keep the water that your reptile not only swims in, but drinks clean for a healthy habitat and pet.

FAQs About Reptile Filters

Any aquatic or semi-aquatic species—with a large area to submerge—can benefit from a water filter to help keep the water clean. This includes aquatic turtles, amphibians—such as newts and salamanders, and even water dragons if your habitat has a large swimming area.

There are many different types of filters for reptiles, and your choice will be a combination of personal preference, size of the turtle and size of the habitat. For juvenile turtles, a submersible filter may be ideal, while larger habitats may need a canister filter for stronger filtration.