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frogs & toads for sale | live pet frogs for sale

Hop over to Petco for a wide selection of live pet frogs & toads for sale that can turn anyone into an amphibian aficionado. Frogs and toads are among the more popular options for pet parents looking to introduce a web-footed wunderkind to their family. They are highly active swimmers, climbers and jumpers, making them entertaining to watch for new and experienced pet parents alike. Choose from a colony of croakers and find the right pet frogs for sale to bring home to your terrarium today.

As pet parents, it’s important to remember that all amphibians, including live frogs you find for sale, require an environment with both land and water elements present to help them survive and thrive. If you’re wondering about the differences between frogs and toads for sale, there are a couple distinctions that set them apart. Frogs secrete mucous and depend on the moisture they absorb through their skin to stay healthy, and will need an appropriately-sized water bowl they can submerge themselves. Toads, on the other hand, naturally have rougher skin that enables them to preserve moisture. They are also larger than most frogs you’ll find for sale.

A key component to remember about either is that they prefer to be handled as little as possible. Because these little leapers absorb oxygen through the moisture on their skin, any residue or oil you have on your hands can be harmful to their health. Likewise, as with any amphibian you find in the wild, the frogs found for sale as pets secrete toxins as a defense mechanism. These can cause mild skin irritations, so it’s highly recommended you always wear latex gloves and thoroughly wash your hands before and after handling your amphibious pet.

Find the right frogs and toads for sale for your home terrarium at Petco.