Reptile Hideaways

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Reptile Hides

Hideaways simulate a natural sleeping place for your pet, and provide a quiet, secluded place for your reptile to rest or retreat to if they are feeling stressed or unsafe.

FAQs About Reptile Hides

A hide provides a safe, private place for your reptile to go to if it feels stressed, scared or needs some alone time. It also provides cover from UV rays and direct heat.

Multiple hides are always ideal if your habitat has room, with at least one on the cool side and one on the warm side of the habitat.

Hides may vary from secure logs, to caves, to completely enclosed décor. They can also provide places for your reptile to crawl and climb over or under. Hides should be large enough that your reptile can comfortably fit completely in, but small enough where they feel secure and are not out in the open and exposed.