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Crested Gecko Cages, Tanks & Terrariums

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Crested Gecko Cages, Tanks, Terrariums and Starter Kits

Crested geckos—also known as eyelash geckos—are cute and relatively low-maintenance pets that are as appealing to first-time lizard pet parents as they are to long-time enthusiasts. Whatever your experience with lizards, the first step to caring for your new reptile is finding the right crested gecko tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

A crested gecko tank should be a minimum of 20-gallons, but larger tanks between 30- to 50-gallons may be more accommodating. Since crested geckos are arboreal in the wild and can often like to climb, tall tanks with a lot of vertical space are appropriate.

If you are housing more than one crested gecko, a terrarium of at least 30-gallons is recommended.

A crested gecko cage should contain plants and décor for climbing as well as shelter. Good plants to have in your terrarium include pothos—a low-maintenance vine with large leaves—or the bird’s nest fern that grows quickly in wet soil, has sturdy fronds for shade and can often support the weight of your gecko.

The flooring of the crested gecko terrarium should be lined with a substrate that helps retain moisture. A coconut fiber, moss or peat substrate can be good options that may help facilitate a comfortable habitat for your gecko and help make your terrarium look good.

To clean your crested gecko enclosure, you need the right materials. You’ll use supplies like small buckets, paper towels, brushes, sponges, a safe place to keep your gecko and non-toxic reptile-friendly cleaner, which you can find at Petco along with other reptile products and accessories.

Once all materials are ready:

  1. Remove your gecko and all décor, bowls and substrate from the crested gecko setup.
  2. Place décor and bowls in buckets and your gecko in another terrarium or a secure place.
  3. Wash the décor in the bucket and use reptile-friendly cleaner to scrub the crested gecko enclosure.
  4. Put new substrate down on the floor of the tank and return décor to their place.
  5. Return crested gecko to its habitat.