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Ball Python Decor & Hideaways

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Ball Python Décor

Whether you’re a new pet parent or a seasoned snake enthusiast, a ball python can be a great pet. To help give them the great life they deserve, you’ll need to provide them with the proper housing and habitat décor and accessories.

FAQs About Ball Python Hides

The correct size cage for your snake depends on the age and size of your pet. However, a ball python will need a long tank, at least 30- to 40-gallons or more. You should get a terrarium big enough to create two separate temperature environments on either side—warm and cool.

You should regularly clean your ball phyton’s tank about once a month. Regular spot cleaning can help keep tanks tidy between complete substrate changes, which should happen once a month. Spot cleaning involves picking up droppings, old skin, changing the water bowl and other housekeeping tasks. Be sure to relocate your snake to a safe space when cleaning out their tank.

Some of the best ball python enclosures will have secure mesh screen tops that help ensure your pet can’t escape. A good tank setup considers everything from temperature and humidity to proper feeding, hydration and hiding zones like a reptile log.

An adult female ball python can reach between 3- to 5-feet long, while male adult ball pythons can reach up to 2- to 3-feet long. It will usually take around 4 to 5 years for a mature ball python to reach their full size.

Yes. Your snake will need two or more ball python hides and shelters in their enclosure. Most snakes prefer to hunker down in a dark and secure space to spend most of their time. It can help them relax, unwind and feel comfortable.