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Ball Python Enclosures, Tanks and Terrariums

Ball pythons can make great companions for new pet parents and seasoned snake enthusiasts. They are typically easy to handle, docile in temperament and creating their ideal habitat can be equally easy with the right tools. Ball python enclosure setup requires some preparation, including choosing the right substrate, climate control and hiding places. Ball python lighting helps control temperature, while ball python tank décor gives them places to rest and retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

The right ball python enclosure size depends on the length or age of your particular pet. Ball pythons tend not to be very active and will often do well in a smaller ball python terrarium. Younger snakes will typically be fine in a 10 to 20-gallon ball python enclosure, while adults may need at least a 30-gallon space. Ball python food—which includes frozen mice and rats—requires an appropriate-sized area for eating. For more information, see our Ball Python Care Sheet.

The best ball python enclosure upkeep requires frequent cleaning. Regular spot cleaning helps keep ball python tanks tidy between complete substrate changes, which should happen every one to two months. Spot cleaning includes removing feces, shed skin, and cleaning water bowls. Full cleanings with a mild—around 5%—bleach solution should be relatively frequent. During complete cleanings, relocate your snake, clean all the ball python enclosure elements and allow them to fully dry before reintroducing your pet to their home.

Some of the best ball python enclosures will often have secure mesh screen tops that help protect against escape. Long terrariums can be great for these pets because they give them more room to roam. A good ball python enclosure setup considers temperature and humidity as well as proper feeding, hydration and hiding zones.

While younger and smaller ball pythons can often do well in smaller enclosures, a 40-gallon option is an optimal ball python enclosure size for adults. Ball pythons usually grow between two and five feet long, but they often repose curled in a ball shape, as their name suggests. While they are not typically very active, they do require adequate space for eating, living and retreating. A 40-gallon ball python enclosure offers them ample room for all their needs.