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Reptile Terrarium Kits

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Reptile Starter Kits

Reptile starter kits are a great way to get the basic essential accessories needed to provide a beginner set up for your reptile. These kits may be species specific—such as Bearded Dragon Kits or Crested Gecko Kits—or more generic such as Vertical Tropical Kits or a Low Profile Kit. If choosing a starter kit for your new pet, select the one that best aligns with the type of reptile you are welcoming into your family.

FAQs About Reptile Starter Kits

Reptile starter kits are often a great, economical beginner set-up that includes the basics of what you need to house your pet. They come in generic options based on climate such as a desert and tropical kits or species specific options such as a hermit crab or bearded dragon kits.

The type of kit you purchase will depend on the species of reptile. If there is not a species-specific kit, finding the one that is closest to your pet's needs in size, orientation and climate—tropical or desert—is a good starting point, and allows you to customize the remaining features needed for your reptile's specific needs.

While some kits may include everything you need, others only include basic essentials and an ideal home will require extra accessories such as additional climbing or hiding decor, water conditioners and more. Always check the kit to ensure it has proper lighting (both UV and heat), substrate, hides, bowls, décor, temperature and humidity gauges, and other accessories specific to your species' needs.

Additional items such as commercial food (if applicable), background, thermostats and timers for your lighting just to name a few will enhance your pet parenting experience!