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Reptile Habitat Plants & Logs

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Reptile Plants and Logs

Artificial plants, logs and accessories can give your reptile's habitat a natural look without the risk and extra care needed with using outdoor plants and wood. Plants gathered from outdoors may be exposed to chemicals, parasites or other harmful substances and should not be placed in your reptile's habitat.

FAQs About Reptile Plants and Logs

It is not advised to include branches and plants collected from outdoors. Outside branches and plants could potentially be exposed to both chemicals and parasites that could be harmful to your pet.

These accessories can be cleaned the same way as your reptile's habitat—with a reptile appropriate non-toxic habitat cleaner or 3% bleach solution. All items should be rinsed and dried thoroughly before putting them back into your reptile's habitat.

Provide artificial plants and logs to reduce the potential risk that plants and logs gathered from outdoors may pose. Which plants and logs you provide is mostly personal preference, but some types may be more suitable for certain species over others. Designs may be picked to fit the landscape of your pet—whether that be tropical or desert—but also according to the behavior of your reptile.