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Reptile Habitat Humidity Control

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Reptile Humidity Control

Humidity is an important factor in the husbandry of your reptile and will vary widely with the species. The overall setup of your habitat, whether it be screened on the sides or top as well as the size and depth of the water dish can greatly affect humidity before misting of any kind is started. For more arid species that don't require high humidity, a hand mister may be enough to achieve needed levels and provide droplets for your animal to drink from. For reptiles such as chameleons that are more likely to drink from droplets than bowls, drippers may be ideal to help ensure they are getting adequate hydration from a constant slow drip onto decorations below.

FAQs About Reptile Humidity Control

Appropriate humidity levels can be maintained a multitude of ways and will often depend on how much humidity is needed. Varying levels can be obtained with misters, foggers, drippers or waterfalls and tracked with appropriate gauges.

Absolutely! As each species of reptile has their own temperature and humidity requirements which directly affects their health, it is imperative that you monitor the conditions in your habitat and make adjustments as necessary.