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Bene-Bac, Reptivite and other Reptile Supplies for Excellent Reptile Health

Whether you’re a seasoned herpetoculturist with an Eastern Box Turtle and a Red-Eared Slider, or a beginning herpetoculturist with an Inland Bearded Dragon, you want to ensure that your pet receives proper care. This is why you must provide your herp with Reptivite vitamins, nutritious reptile food and plenty of clean and water that has been treated with a special conditioner. In addition, it’s important that you provide your pet reptile with a habitat that has been equipped with proper reptile supplies for heat and humidity to support his ectothermic nature. As the health and well-being of reptiles are important to caregivers like you, there is an assortment of reptile supplies available that have been specifically formulated for addressing reptile conditions and issues, such a shedding and reptile nutrition. From providing your pet reptile with beneficial bacteria through Bene-Bac to providing him with the calcium along with other necessary other vitamins and minerals, promote your favorite herp’s health, vitality and longevity today.

Developed with all human-grade vitamins and minerals and no artificial additives or fillers, Zoo Med Reptivite Reptile Vitamins contain all 16 isolated amino acids that aid in healthy reptile digestive systems. As Reptivite vitamins are calcium-based, they also aid in promoting healthy bone growth, while correcting stress-related conditions due to a calcium deficiency. Meanwhile, there is PetAg Bene-Bac Beneficial Bacteria, which helps to promote a healthy gastrointestinal system for your pet reptile. As a reptile’s digestion is easily affected by environmental changes and other stressful events, Bene-Bac aids in replenishing your reptile’s intestinal tract with the beneficial bacteria that is necessary for healthy functioning.

Developed for turtles and other types of amphibious reptiles, there are reptile supplies that can be used to treat the water within their terrariums and vivariums, such as TetraFauna ReptoGuard Turtle Health Conditioner. Designed to dissolve slowly, this long-lasting turtle health conditioner helps to control common health conditions. There is also an assortment of water conditioners that safely and effectively treat tap water, turning it into safe drinking water for your pet reptiles. As reptiles and other caged pets are susceptible to mites, there are sprays developed for reptile mite control. Meanwhile, there are supplement sprays available that can be used on reptile food to provide your pet reptiles with essential vitamins and minerals. Take advantage of the many reptile health supplies available and keep your reptile healthy and happy for years to come.