Reptile Food & Water Accessories

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Reptile Food and Water Accessories

Having the proper dishes for food and water for your reptile will help ensure your pet has access to clean, fresh water at all times and provide a clean centralized area to offer food, depending on the species. Mealworm dishes provide a place for easy access to tasty grubs for your lizard, and prevents the worms from crawling out and exploring the habitat. Other food dishes are useful for reptiles that may eat fruits & vegetables, a pelleted diet, or a specialized diet such as crested gecko diet. For pets that prefer to be hand fed, don't forget the feeding tongs to help prevent your fingers being mistaken as tasty treats!

FAQs About Reptile Food and Water Accessories

The size of your habitat, reptile species and even your personal preference will dictate the types of food and water dishes you'll need. Be sure to research the specific needs of your scaly friend and choose wisely!

As crickets can harm a resting reptile, it is best to only feed them what they can eat at each feeding. Cricket keepers, cricket food and quenchers can help you house crickets and keep them alive until your reptile is ready to eat!

Depending on the species, some such as frogs, snakes, tortoises and tropical lizards may enjoy soaking in their water dish, so a water dish large enough for your reptile to soak in works best.