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Reptile Skin & Eye Care

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Reptile Eye and Skin Care

Reptiles may look tough and rugged, but even they have a soft side that benefits from special care for their skin and eyes.

FAQs About Reptile Eye and Skin Care

Shedding is a natural process for your reptilian pet as they grow, but sometimes they can benefit with some help. While proper humidity and temperature of the habitat is your first line of defense against shedding issues, shedding sprays can help reptiles have a smooth shedding process and help moisturize their new skin.

Mites can be a real pest to you and your reptile. Mite spray is developed to kill mites, lice and external parasites but is safe to use on snakes, lizards and other reptiles.

Water conditioner helps make tap water ready to use by removing chlorine and chloramines—which can irritate your turtle's eyes and skin.

Using a moisturizing treatment developed specifically for turtle and tortoise shells will help your pet maintain a strong shell and help reduce the risk of drying and cracking.