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Reptile Cleanup & Odor Control

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Reptile Cleanup and Odor Control

A healthy reptile provided with a clean habitat should not put off any offensive odor, however regular maintenance of the habitat and removal of waste is necessary. While reptiles shouldn't need a bath like your dog or cat, some species will benefit from a good soak in lukewarm, chlorine-free water, especially when shedding.

FAQs About Reptile Cleanup and Odor Control

Your reptile should be secured in a safe location away from the habitat while cleaning to prevent any exposure to fumes. Substrate can be spot cleaned daily and should be changed every 1 - 2 weeks or as necessary and the habitat and accessories disinfected with a non-toxic, reptile-safe habitat cleaner or 3% bleach solution.

Aquatic turtle habitats can be cleaned in a similar way to a fish aquarium by using a siphon to remove water and waste as needed. Any disinfection of habitat or accessories should be done with a non-toxic, reptile-safe habitat cleaner or 3% bleach solution and thoroughly rinsed before refilling with water or reintroducing your turtle.

Healthy, clean reptiles should not put off an odor. Feces should be removed from the habitat as necessary to prevent your pet from crawling through waste. If your reptile does need to be cleaned from exposure to waste, you can take a cloth with lukewarm chlorine-free water and gently clean your pet, although some species may prefer an entire soak in water.