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Reflective & LED Dog Harnesses

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Reflective LED Dog Harnesses

The best dog harness for your pup will be one that fits well for their size, helps give you more control, helps them learn the correct behaviors and helps keep your pet secure. Reflective and LED dog harnesses can be an ideal solution to fit those needs.

FAQs About Reflective Dog Harnesses

If your dog has a habit of pulling, jumping or constantly trying to wriggle out of their collar, a dog harness vest can be a great solution. A tactical dog harness can be a great training tool for young dogs with lots of energy. They also offer pet parents better control on walks and busy streets.

If you have a bigger dog, a harness can help give you better control and may also be easier on your arms and back. If you’ve got a smaller dog, a harness can help disperse pressure over their chest and body instead of only their necks. And with a reflective or LED dog harness, your dog will be more secure due to the greater visibility during low light situations.

It might be a good option to have both a dog harness and a dog collar. You can use the harness during walks or hikes and training and then have the collar on around the house with their ID tags.

Whether you’re opting for a step-in harness or a non-pull option, it’s important to find the right fit for your pup. Weigh your dog and take accurate measurements of their chest and neck. Most dog harness size charts show two measurements (neck and chest girth), and some will also have a weight sizing guide.

A standard dog harness will have one loop around your dog’s ribs and one around their neck, as well as a D-ring on their back for where to attach a leash. With the D-ring on the top side, slip the harness over your dog’s head. Attach the wider loop around your dog’s body first and then step your dog’s legs in the designated place and attach the narrower loop around their chest or neck. Be sure to adjust sizing for the ideal fit, leaving just enough space for 2 fingers to fit between the harness and their coat.

How to put your new harness on your pup will depend on the type of harness you’ve purchased. Review the accompanying instructions and learn how to properly fit your dog in their harness.