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Raw Dog Food

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Raw Dog Food with High-Quality Ingredients

Raw dog food is based on the concept of ancestral nutrition, or rather how wolves and other wild dogs ate in nature.

FAQs About Raw Dog Food

A raw food diet for dogs can be more beneficial than processed foods. Potential benefits for dogs include shinier coats, cleaner teeth, and higher energy levels. Though raw foods also might pose risks to your dog’s specific dietary needs—so you should check with your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet.

Raw food diets typically consist of muscle meats, organ meats, raw eggs, vegetables (such as broccoli, spinach, and celery) fruits, and dairy.

Typically, on a raw food diet, you will feed your dog about 2%-3% of their weight and split that between two meals. The smaller your pup, the higher the percentage required will be and vice versa. The more active your dog is, the more food they will need. The more sedentary your pup is, the less food they’ll require.