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Choosing the best rat toys for your small pet

Entertain your cuddly critter companion with rat toys, habitat accessories, and more from Petco. All small animals need engaging and fun accessories in their habitat to encourage them to exercise and entertain themselves, that includes your pet rat. So, let’s take a look at the types of toys and habitat accessories your furry friend enjoys the most.

Chew toys

Rats are curious but cautious animals by nature. They enjoy exploring their environment, but are always mindful of their surroundings. An exercise ball is the perfect opportunity to let them stretch their legs and explore areas outside of their habitat in a secure way. These can be especially useful when it’s time to clean their cage; simply insert them into their favorite ball for some rolling around time while you’re busy scrubbing. A rat wheel can also work wonders for their daily exercise. These can be easily set up in their cage as a way to let them run any time they wish.

What else do rats like to play with?

In addition to being natural nibblers, rats love to burrow. A few rat tunnel toys are a great way to let them indulge in this behavior. You can create a maze for your furry friend to explore right in their own home. Rat tunnels provide hours of stimulation and offer a network of potential hiding places for your small pet to sneak away.

Having a healthy supply of chew toys, exercise balls, wheels, and interconnected tunnels to roam at their disposal helps keep your pet engaged with their surroundings – not to mention makes their habitat look like a funhouse. When it comes to creating a safe, fun environment for your pet, the possibilities are endless with rat toys from Petco.