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Rat Mouse Supplies

Rats, mice and other rodents can be great animals to keep as companions. They are often sweet, friendly, quiet and deceptively smart. And when you provide them with some great pet mouse toys and accessories, they can stay happy and entertained.

FAQs About Rat Supplies

For being such a small animal, rats still require several solutions and supplies to thrive. Start with a proper cage—the bigger, the better— and build up from there with exercise wheels, additional tubing, hideaways, soft paper bedding and other fantastic rat accessories. Learn more with our Pet Rat Care Sheet.

Rodents' teeth continue to grow throughout their life, so it’s very important to give them things to chew on a regular basis. Some good chewing options for your mouse pet include rawhide chews, Nylabones, gumabones and wood and cardboard chew toys. These will help prevent your rat’s or mouse’s teeth from overgrowing and causing painful dental problems.

Just like other pets, rats and other rodents need mental and physical stimulation to keep them out of trouble. At Petco, we carry a variety of toys that your mouse, hamster or rat will love and that will keep them occupied for hours. From ball chew toys and wood ladders for climbing to exercise balls, we’ve got what you’re looking for when it comes to pet rat supplies and toys.

Depending on the size of your cage, you can add a good number of pet-enhancing solutions to it. But before you get to the fun stuff, make sure to outfit their cage with a water bottle, bedding and a small housing unit. After those essentials are installed treat your rodent friend to a wheel and other fun objects from our pet mouse cage accessories selection.

As long as they are used appropriately and monitored, hamster balls can be one of the most fun toys for your pet. It’s important to choose a ball with a lot of air holes for ventilation and don’t let them run around in it in direct sunlight.