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Choosing the best rat harness for your small pet

Take your cuddly critter on the go with a rat harness, leash and carrier from Petco. If you plan on letting your small pet explore the environment outside of their habitat, or training them, a rat harness and leash combo is highly recommended. They are designed to help ensure your cuddly companion’s safety and comfort and make traveling more convenient for the both of you.

Use your rat harness and leash to let your small pet roam the house without getting into places they shouldn’t be. Once they’re comfortable with their leash, expand your horizons with a walk out to the backyard or even around the neighborhood. They’re even great for car rides!

How to put on a rat harness

As with any other type of pet, you want your rat to associate their harness with positive feelings. You will want them to feel comfortable in their vest, so make sure to let them sniff it out before a formal fitting. Have plenty of tasty food or treats on hand to offer them while slipping the harness and leash on. Refrain from fastening your rat’s harness in place at first – give them a chance to see how it feels on them before tightening it around their body. If they ever show any signs of discomfort, take off the harness and try again at another time. Only keep their harness on for a short time at first, gradually increasing their time in it until they are comfortable.

Rat carriers

If you need to transport your small pet – either to the veterinarian or along for the ride on a road trip – a rat carrier is an ideal option. There are a variety of rat carrier options available to choose from, and deciding which will suit your pet best can be simple when you know what to look for. Here’s a quick list of features to consider when picking up a rat carrier:

  • Materials: Carriers made from mesh or wire are recommended, as they help discourage your pet from chewing through the materials. Wire bars should have no more than 1 inch spacing to avoid your pet slipping out.
  • Ventilation: Rats can’t sweat, so their carrier should allow for plenty of airflow, to help avoid risk of overheating.
  • Contents: If your pet will be spending some travel time in their carrier, consider including a water bottle and some treats to keep them happy and hydrated.

When you’re ready to pick up a rat harness for your small pet, remember you can buy online from and pick it up at your nearest store.