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Give your small pet some room to play with rabbit playpens from Petco. Playtime is just as important to your cotton-tailed companion as it is to other animal companions. And nothing helps grow the bond you share with your pet quite like a regularly scheduled play date together. Rabbit playpens are the perfect way to designate a safe space for your pet to play either indoors or outside.

What to Consider When Buying a Rabbit Playpen

Before we get into specifics about playpen features, here are the basics to consider when shopping for a pen for your pet.

  • Space:Like their regular habitat, your rabbit will appreciate a lot of space for playing and exercise. Pet parents will want to consider a playpen with extra space if they have multiple rabbits.
  • Height: Your rabbit enjoys hopping when they play, so be sure their playpen walls are high enough to keep them contained.
  • Access:Consider whether the rabbit pen has additional holes or a doorway to let them move from one space to another, such as a hideaway tunnel or built-in door.
  • Safety: Many rabbit playpens are designed to be quickly set up and easily collapsed. Find a sturdy pen to avoid your pet’s play space collapsing with them inside.

The ideal rabbit pen will have enough space for your small pet to run around and exercise in while keeping them concealed and secure. This is important not only for their safety but also to help keep household items like cables, carpet and furniture safe from your furry friend’s natural instinct to chew.

Much like their cages and habitats, rabbit playpens come in a variety of options and styles. Browse freestanding pens made of foldable metal wiring that are easy to set up for indoor playtime, and take down when it’s time for them to hop back into their habitat. You can connect many of them or attach to an existing cage to double your pet’s living and play space.

In addition to metal pens, there are enclosures made of nylon that include removable net covers and rubber matting to help keep your pet covered and their pen easy to clean. These rabbit playpens work for use both indoors and outdoors, providing your furry friend a fun environment outside of their normal habitat.

When you’re ready to pick up a rabbit playpen for your small pet, buy online from Petco. All orders $35 or more get free shipping!