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Rabbit Feeders and Water Bottles: All You Need to Know

Rabbit feeders and water bottles are a great way provide your small pet with a clean supply of food and water. You’ll find plenty of options available at Petco’s rabbit shop.

Your small pet needs fresh sources of food and hay supplied to them daily. The rabbit hay feeders and automatic water bottles you’ll find at Petco help ensure that sustenance is never in short supply. Rabbit hay feeders are an excellent additional source of food for your happy hopper -- especially if you have more than one in your household. Multiple rabbits appreciate having more than one place to chow down. Even pet parents of single rabbits can lay out extra rabbit feeders and bowls in rooms their furry friend is allowed to explore.

Rabbit feeders are an ideal way to separate your pet’s feeding hay from the hay they use as bedding. This helps keep their feeding hay clean and free of debris.. You’ll find single hay racks that can be used to section off a portion of hay in their cage for feeding. Many of the rabbit hay feeders at Petco come with multiple rows of shelves that allow your pet to easily keep their feeding hay in stacks, and a bin along the bottom for water. You’ll also find large ceramic rabbit bowls that allow for generous portions of food or drink, thanks to their tall sides which help minimize spilling. Each of these bowls also features a high gloss for easy cleaning.

Shop rabbit water bottles that come complete with attachments that are easy to hang from the side of their cage. These durable water bottles are made to be leak-proof and chew-resistant, so your furry friend doesn’t gnaw through the plastic. These rabbit water bottles are easy to refill and clip to the side of most any cage or habitat, ensuring your small pet is supplied with clean, fresh drinking water. When you’re ready to pick up feeding supplies, come to Petco to find feeders and water bottles that meet your rabbit's needs!