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Choosing the Best Rabbit Bedding and Litter for Your Pet

Line your small pet’s living space with rabbit bedding and litter from Petco. Rabbit bedding is an essential part of your pet’s home environment, as well as their overall health. It helps keep their living space clean by absorbing food and water spills. It also supplies a comfy layer of flooring to keep your pet comfortable in their cage and a soft foundation to hop around on.. Before stocking up on bedding and litter, there are a few things to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more about selecting the right bedding for your furry pal.

What to know when choosing bedding

Your rabbit will need between 1 to 2” of bedding and litter placed in their habitat. Cedar based products are not recommended for safety precautions. There are however, many other types of materials you can consider. Here are a few of the most common types of habitat bedding that you’ll find at Petco:

  • High-quality paper bedding
  • Pellets (wood or paper)
  • Hardwood shavings
  • Newspaper

Regardless of which materials you use to line your pet’s habitat, it should be safe for food contact. This means paper bedding should be free of inks, dyes, or other chemicals, and wood shavings should be dust-free. If you want an earth friendly option paper bedding is biodegradable and create less dust. You’ll find many recycled paper litter products are dust free and hypoallergenic. For easy cleanup, rabbit litter made from recycled newspaper can be flushed right down the toilet.

Selecting bedding and litter that controls odors

Your small rabbit’s urine contains high amounts of ammonia, which results in a rather strong odor. Rabbit bedding that contains lavender or other soft floral material is great for controlling odors and has a naturally fresh scent. Flooring made with paper and baking soda is another option since baking soda helps to neutralize acidic substances that cause bad odors.

Find a rabbit bedding choice that suits your small animal at Petco and keep them comfortable, clean, and happy. Make sure you never run out by signing up for Repeat Delivery. Pet parents a part of this program get free shipping and extra savings!