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Puppy Treats

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Puppy Treats

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a new puppy. And that means you’re going to need the best puppy treats. Puppy treats can serve many purposes. You’ll want to find effective dental and teething treats and chews for puppies as well as puppy training treats. Consistent and positive puppy training can build a sense of trust and assurance between you and your dog. When you begin training your new pup, you’re going to need some high-quality puppy treats while using positive reinforcement to successfully master the basics. And some pet parents like to choose natural or grain-free puppy snacks, especially if your puppy has food allergies or sensitivities.

FAQs About Healthy Dog Treats for Puppies

Yes. In fact, it’s encouraged to reward them with treats throughout the training process. Just be sure to give them age-appropriate treats because their teeth and mouths are still developing. Plus, giving them treats when they successfully perform a task or obey a command lets them know they are doing a good job. Be sure not to overfeed puppy treats and save them as a reward for good behavior.

There are so many treat options, and no doubt your pup would love to eat all of them. Many first-time dog parents opt to use soft and meaty dog treats for their growing teeth, and natural puppy treats because of the lack of preservatives. However, not every treat will work for every puppy. Assess what your young dog prefers and consult your veterinarian about any issues around food sensitivities and allergies.

The answer to this question depends on the breed, size, age and expected weight when your young dog is fully grown. Browse Petco’s selection of high-quality puppy food. Analyze the labels on the foods you're considering and consult with your veterinarian during your puppy’s first checkup.

At the young age of 8 weeks old, your puppy lacks big enough teeth to chow down on adult dog treats. Good dog treats for puppies should be small enough for them to chew or bite-size so that their little mouths can handle them. The smaller treats will also be much easier for them to digest in their stomach. And softer chews or dental treats can be great during the teeth stages and for hygiene maintenance.

When your small dog is in the teething process, they will want to chew on just about anything. Instead of letting them destroy your shoes and furniture, get them some tasty puppy chews for teething. Petco carries all sorts of options that can work well, like no-hide chews and flavored teething sticks. Dental chews can also be a good option because they serve a dual purpose—they’ll freshen your puppy’s breath while assisting them during the teething process.