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Puppy Toys

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Puppy Toys: Teething and Chew Toys for Puppies

Puppy toys are a must-have for new pet parents. Not only do they provide tons of entertainment for your new rambunctious pal, but they’re also useful in helping to soothe teething pups. Puppies will find everything and anything to play with, and their choices are not always ideal. Ensure you have a full supply of puppy-approved toys on hand. Petco features a selection of the best puppy toys for them to toss, tug, fetch, and chew. Browse toys from top brands like KONG and Nylabone.

FAQs about Puppy Toys

Some of the best chew toys for puppies include teething rings, interactive puzzles, hard rubber toys, fetch sticks, puppy-safe bones, and plush toys.

Teething toys like rings, bones, and freezable chews can help provide relief for puppies experiencing teething pain. Remember to select durable, age- and size-appropriate toys made for teething dogs.

We recommend providing an assortment of different toys for your new puppy. Consider balls, launchers, and tug toys for expelling energy. And durable chew toys and rings for teething.

Just like human babies, certain toys can pose a choking hazard to puppies. This can include dog toys as well as common items found around your house. Be sure to review product information to ensure you’re purchasing age-appropriate toys for your new puppy. And consider this checklist for learning how to puppy-proof your house before your new friend arrives.

Can you really have too many toys? We recommend providing your pup with an assortment of toys. Not every toy will be a hit. By offering a selection of toys, your pooch can find their favorites.