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pond skimmers: floating & in-pond skimmers

Keep your fish pool sludge-free by trapping debris before it sinks with a pond skimmer from Petco. In addition to serving as a pre-filter for your pump, pond skimmers can help catch larger more unsightly debris. Easy-to-install pond skimmer varieties are available, so you don't have to cut into your fish pond's liner. To keep your water's surface consistently clear, keep replacement media pads handy. Some pond skimmers are built to clean up to 1,000 gallons, so make sure you get the right model for your volume of water.

There are also floating pond skimmers available, so you can just drop them in and watch them catch leaves and other items. If you find that you need added pressure to catch more debris, there are floating pond skimmers available that can be used in conjunction with a hose. If you find that leaves have sunk to the bottom, some floating skimmer models can double as fish pool bottom cleaners. Because these floating pond skimmers are so effective at catching leaves, many will find them especially useful during the fall. During insect heaving seasons, a floating pond skimmer can also keep unsightly dead bugs off your water's surface. However, because a floating skimmer is intended to only catch larger debris, a filter should still be used to catch everything else. Because they are multi-use tools, you can also use your floating skimmer in fountains and other bodies of water.

Shop for pond skimmers at Petco and keep your aquatic landscape looking great every day of the year!