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automatic cat and dog feeders & water bowls

Shop for automatic cat and dog feeders & water bowls at Petco and discover how you can help keep your pet’s hydration and food levels attuned to their needs. Automatic cat and dog feeders and water bowls can provide you and your pets the convenience of ensuring that mealtimes are kept consistent and at the ideal-sized portion. You can feel confident about how much and how often you’re providing them with food, as some of the automatic cat and dog feeders available can even help your pet’s meal routine through built in sensors.

If you’re at work during mealtimes or simply traveling, built in webcams on other options offer you a window into your pet’s day-to-day routine. You can even track your pets fueling patterns thanks to the smart phone app available on these automatic cat and dog feeders. Simply hook up your device to your home’s Wi-Fi and follow the product instructions.

Even if you’re providing your pet with H2O on a daily basis, an automatic cat or dog water bowl can help provide them with a consistently clean supply that’s refreshing, delicious and more likely to get lapped up. That’s because some pets prefer a flowing source over stagnant options due to their natural instincts. These automatic water bowls often provide a large reserve and replaceable filters that can ensure a source of hydration that’s excludes elements your pet can do without.

Regardless of whatever automatic cat and dog feeder or water bowl you pick up, it’s easy to keep them fully stocked and fresh through the repeat doorstep delivery services available through Petco or one of our exclusive automatic cat or dog feeders.