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Horse Antibiotics & Antifungal

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    Horse Antibiotics

    Having a healthy and happy pet is a top priority as a horse parent, and keeping their overall wellness in check can be a big part of that. Just like humans, there may be times when your horse needs to take a round of equine antibiotics to get them on the road to recovery during illness or injury.

    FAQs About Horse Antibiotics

    The job of equine antibiotics is to help your horse’s immune system clear infections by weakening the responsible bacteria. The best antibiotic for your equine friend will be determined by your veterinarian, based on where the infection is, its severity and many other factors. Because of horses’ unique and delicate gut bacteria, your pet can only tolerate a small range of antibiotics compared to other species of animals. For this reason, you should never give your pet horse an antibiotic that wasn’t prescribed for them by a vet for their specific infection.

    The horse antibiotics in oral form that are most frequently used are doxycycline and combinations of trimethoprim and a sulfa drug. To determine the appropriate option for your pet, your veterinarian will likely run tests to find which antibiotic will help clear your horse’s infection without side effects like colic or diarrhea. Whenever your horse needs a round of equine antibiotics, they need a visit from their vet for a prescription.

    Many horse antibiotics are prescribed for two weeks or longer. Even if your horse seems to be getting better, it’s be important to continue the entire course of the treatment to make sure all of the bacteria causing your pet’s infection has cleared. Weaker bacteria may be treated quickly, but stronger bacteria could remain if the treatment isn’t completed. This could cause the bacteria to continue to grow and the infection to return. Different antibiotics are prescribed for various lengths of time based on these factors, so following your veterinarian’s instructions can be vital.

    Pet parents looking to get their prescribed horse pills antibiotics for their equine family member can shop for their medications online and have them delivered directly to their door. We can quickly and easily confirm your veterinary authorization.