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Electrolyte Solution & Supplies

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Prescription Electrolytes for Dogs

If your pup is becoming dehydrated from vomiting or diarrhea, prescription electrolytes might be what they need to get them back on track. Electrolyte solutions can restore nutrients and hydration if your pet has been unable to drink or eat regular food. Offer your pup small sips of water or a piece of ice to lick until vomiting has subsided. Discuss treatment with your veterinarian to be sure electrolyte solution is the best treatment for your pup. Always consult your veterinarian as these symptoms can be a part of a larger issue. Petco offers prescription electrolyte supplies, such as syringes, oral gels, injectable solutions and powders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electrolytes for Dogs

Electrolyte solutions can restore nutrients and hydration lost from diarrhea, vomiting, or if your pet is unable to eat regular food. The most important thing to consider is the extent of dehydration as determined by your veterinarian. It’s critical your pet receive IV fluids with balanced electrolytes based on the results of bloodwork that tells the veterinarian the levels of each critical electrolyte. If your pet is clinically dehydrated, oral electrolytes are not going to be effective.

If your dog is no longer vomiting, electrolyte-enhanced fluids may help. Always discuss treatment with your veterinarian for a safe and proper dosage for your dog.

Before attempting to rehydrate your dog, it's critical that your dog be seen by a veterinarian, as dehydration can lead to further consequences, including multiple organ failure, stroke and death. Only until after you have been to a veterinarian, would we recommend you attempt to rehydrate your dog on your own. Offer your dog small sips of water or a piece of ice to lick. If vomiting has subsided, use electrolyte-enhanced water to restore hydration and nutrients they may have lost. Discuss treatment with your veterinarian to ensure the proper dosage and treatment for your pup.