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Cat Medicine

After veterinary exams, your vet will sometimes need to write a prescription for ongoing treatment for your cat. There are many different prescription cat drugs that can help your feline get better. And if you’re looking to find some cheaper cat medicine options, Petco’s cat pharmacy for prescription medications can be an excellent solution. We partnered with Vetsource Pharmacy to get prescription drugs for cats delivered right to your door and at possibly more affordable rates.

FAQs About Cat Medicine

You can. There are many over-the-counter medical cat drugs out there, but a lot of cat medicine does need veterinarian authorization. Some vets will fill the prescription in the office, but you’ll often get a written prescription for your cat and will need to get it filled.

Some pharmacies—like Petco—will ship your cat medicine to your home and request refills on your behalf, saving you time. You can also request that the pharmacy call your bet and obtain an authorization form—whether they prescribed cat antibiotics, heart and blood pressure medicine or anything else.

Cat prescriptions like heartworm and flea and tick treatments are usually required once a month, along with maintenance drugs for things like allergies or stress. Additionally, cat parents can possibly find relief for their pets with cat pain relief and arthritis medications.

As of now, Revolution is a prescription-only drug for cats in the US. This medication is designed to kill and prevent a variety of parasites. The size and weight of your cat are big factors when it comes to dosing. And it’s important that cats only get the cat version and dogs only get the dog version since different species require different dosages.

Consult your veterinarian about Revolution to determine whether it might be the right solution for your cat. And if so, head to Petco and fill your prescription quickly and easily online.