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Dog Odor Eliminators

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Pet Odor Eliminator

As much as you love your dog, you probably don’t love the stains and smells they can create, especially if those stains happen in your house. Even with dog training to housebreak your pet, your dog may still have indoor accidents from time to time. For those instances, take a look at Petco’s supply of dog odor eliminator products. These helpful dog odor sprays can help remove odors and even clean up stains on most surfaces, including carpet, tile and fabric. 

FAQs About Pet Odor Eliminators 

Even after you’ve cleaned up any puddles left by your dog or puppy, the smell of dog urine can linger on your tile floor. To eliminate dog odor, try using a dog odor spray. Make sure the spray is designed for tile floors. Many of the best dog urine odor removers include special enzymes that help break up the residue that can cause urine odors to stick around. 

While dog odor eliminators can help you breathe easier once an accident happens, you can also prevent accidents by putting down puppy and dog pads that absorb urine and lock in odors. Once the pad has been used, toss it in the trash to get rid of odors. If your pup is in the house training phase, it can be a good idea to place puppy or dog potty pads in their crates and kennels.  

Carpeting has a way of clinging to both odors and stains after your dog has had an accident. To help get rid of dog odor, buy a dog odor spray designed for carpets. You can find dog odor eliminators that work on multiple surfaces. Many of these products also work as dog stain removers, giving you a two-in-one benefit. Follow the directions of your product in order to see the best results. For deep stains, you may need to use the product more than once. 

If you notice that your dog continues to have accidents, it’s helpful to try and figure out the cause. If your dog is marking a specific spot, you can use a scent repellent to discourage your dog from marking. You may also want to try switching to a different wet or dry dog food if your current food is upsetting your canine’s stomach. If you can’t find a reason for your dog’s accidents, contact your vet.   

The odor from dog poop is not something any pet parent wants in their home. Use a strong dog odor spray to eliminate the dog odor as soon as you notice the mess. You’ll also probably want to use a product that acts as an odor and stain remover. Petco offers some of the best dog stain removers and odor removers available. Order now and don’t forget to check out our dog deals for big savings on a huge variety of dog products that pet parents love.