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Pet Memorials

At Petco, we know your pets are your family. Unfortunately, they often have a shorter life span than humans, and your time will always seem too short when it comes to an end. Many pet parents know the heartbreak of losing their beloved companions and how important it is to memorialize their pets and keep them in their thoughts. Personalized pet memorials can be a great way to commemorate your loyal friends after they're gone and will help you remember them forever.

FAQs About Pet Memorials

Pet sympathy gifts can be a great way to show loved ones you care, and you’re thinking of them. Petco offers various gifts that help to express sympathy and will let your friend or family member know that they’re not alone.

  • Personalized keepsake picture frames Our keepsake frames and other décor for pet parents have room to hold a photo of your loved one’s pet. Your friend or family member can look at it and be reminded of all the wonderful memories they shared with their pet.
  • Personalized wind chimes Wind chimes make a great pet loss gift. They’re perfect for hanging on a porch or in a garden, and pet parents will remember their friend whenever there’s a breeze. Petco offers personalization services on windchimes to make it extra special.
  • Custom ornaments or stones Personalized ornaments or garden stones can be a special pet memorial gift. Ornaments are great to hang on a tree around the holidays, so it feels like your loved one’s pet is still included in the family moments. One could also hang the ornament in an honored spot in their home. Garden stones can be great for your friends or family to put in a beautiful part of their backyard, with their pet still having a permanent place in their home. Seeing their carved name will remind your loved one of all the treasured time they shared.
  • You might also find what you’re looking for in Petco’s assortment of gifts for pet parents and discover the perfect personalized pet gifts.

    Petco carries personalized pet cremation urns made of ceramic and marble that are a dignified resting place for your sweet canine. They come in assorted colors, and many are adorned with paw prints that match the ones left on your heart. There are also wooden dog memorial boxes, and some even have a spot on top to hold a picture of your cherished pup, so you never forget their beautiful smile.

    Pet memorials can be a thoughtful way to honor your deceased friend. Petco’s selection of customized garden stones can be beautiful as a grave marker or a wonderful way to mark your pet’s favorite spot in the backyard. Indoors, you can put candid pictures and your pet’s toys in a special place to make a touching tribute. Many pet parents even get their cat or dog’s image printed on blankets or mugs. Your relationship with your pet was unique—follow your instincts and go with whichever pet memorial idea is comfortable and feels right.