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Bandana Collars for Pets: Customize with Pet Name | Petco

Gift your furry loved one with custom bandana collars and apparel from Petco. Whether you want to give them a festive makeover or upgrade their everyday style, Petco has a fun assortment for you to shop. With bold colors and vibrant patterns, your four-legged pal will be a showstopper any time they hit the road. Unique personalization allows you to create custom pet bandanas designed with your pet in mind.

You’ll no longer have to worry about accessories slipping loose for furry family members who are always on the go. The unique bandana collar design allows for a specially designed sleeve to loop the collar through, making it easy for your pet to run, jump and play. Sleeves typically fit a 1.5” width collar. This is something both you and your four-legged pal will appreciate when getting them outfitted for the day.

For special celebrations, holidays and more, you’ll find a variety of personalized pet bandanas great for any occasion. Whether it’s Christmas, Independence Day or Halloween, outfit your cute furred loved one in holiday-inspired designs. Guests won’t be able to stop talking about how adorable your pup or kitten looks in their cheery attire. For special celebrations like adoptions and birthdays, make your furry child stand out with a pet bandana that highlights their big day. You can personalize with a name up to ten characters—a unique pet gift that will make your pup or kitten feel loved.

To see more custom bandana collar must-haves, visit Petco where you can shop the complete collection. Designed with your furry family member’s comfort in mind, you’ll find stylish accessories that remain throughout the day. Great for accessorizing any outfit or wearing alone, these custom bandana collars will complete your pup or kitten’s wardrobe.