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Patterned Dog Harnesses

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Patterned Dog Harnesses

Few things make a dog happier than going for a nice, long walk around the neighborhood. But their love of walking could cause them to tug, pull, yank and jump while on the leash, causing you all sorts of problems. Instead of using a traditional dog collar, a dog harness in colors can be a great stylish alternative and effective solution. And here at Petco, you can select a cute, patterned dog harness to make your pup comfortable, secure and stylish.

FAQs About Dog Harnesses

We recommend choosing a size based on weight, but note that a vest will fit different breeds of the same weight differently. You can measure your dog’s shoulder length, height and chest circumference to get the right fit.

Even though your pup may look absolutely adorable in a customized harness, it may not be comfortable for them to wear it all the time around the house. We suggest only using it when you take your dog out and about and then switch to a regular collar for indoor lounging.

Based on your dog’s walking behavior, consider what type of material you want your leash to be and how much control you will need over the slack.

Yes, a harness can be great for many dogs. Whether it’s a standard harness or a customized one, they can help pet parents maintain control over their pup. They can help discourage dogs from pulling. A comfortable harness can also help disperse pressure, so there isn’t as much strain on one part of their body.

It should fit closely around their body but not be too tight. You also don’t want it too loose. Typically, you should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog’s body. Check out Petco’s dog collars and harness guide to find the perfect fit for your pet.