Patterned Dog Collars

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Patterned Dog Collars

There are so many dog collars for pet parents to choose from, and it can sometimes be fun to have a few in your dog’s collection. If you’re in the market for a distinctive dog collar to help make your dog look as special as they are, check out Petco’s patterned dog collars.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your dog’s collar fits correctly and comfortably, your dog will probably be perfectly content to wear one. While many dogs are happily indifferent to their collars, some are particularly pleased to wear theirs. If your dog associates wearing a collar with going on a walk, they’ll instantly get excited when the collar comes out. Other dogs may exhibit pride in wearing those preppy dog collars their pet parents put on them, especially when they receive attention and praise for looking so cute. In general, dogs tend to be averse to collars if it is uncomfortable or when they have developed negative associations with wearing a collar.

Collars that fit correctly and don’t irritate your dog’s fur or skin are not only safe for your dog to wear but can enhance and help protect your dog’s safety. A collar is an important tool for pet parents who need to make sure their dog doesn’t wander too far away, and if they do, they can be reunited using the information on their ID tag.

Collars are what leashes attach to, keeping your dog close at hand during walks. Even when your dog is off the leash, a collar provides a convenient way to quickly and firmly hold your dog by hand without hurting them—for instance, if roughhousing at the dog park becomes a little too aggressive. And collars provide a place to attach dog tags with identifying information about your dog in case they ever go astray. Distinctively printed dog collars—for instance, plaid dog collars or camo dog collars—can provide even further distinction and identification for your dog if they ever get loose.

And some collars go an extra step in helping keep your dog safe. Reflective & LED dog collars can help your dog stay visible even in the dark, helping to make nighttime walks safer and more relaxing.

No matter how cute those trendy dog collars look on your pup, it’s a good idea to let your dog spend some time out of their collar from time to time. It can be good for your dog’s skin and fur to get a break from the rubbing and wear that excessive collar use can bring. Try taking your dog’s collar off some nights or making dog collars outdoor-only accessories.

The most comfortable dog collar is one that fits correctly and is made of high-quality material. Leather dog collars can be good for dogs who are prone to allergies. Other comfortable styles include padded collars or braided nylon collars—which can be found among various other patterned dog collars at Petco. As long as your dog’s collar is non-irritating and fits correctly—it shouldn’t be loose enough to slip off, but you should be able to fit a couple fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck—your dog should feel comfy and happy. Petco’s dog collar guide will help you find the right fit.