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Parakeet Toys

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Parakeet Toys

Parakeet toys provide more than just fun for your bird. An assortment should be provided and rotated regularly to help keep your bird happy. Interactive toys can help them learn to do tricks or even mimic sounds. Toys such as ladders, ropes and play gyms can provide exercise as well as mental stimulation to keep your parakeet from getting bored. Foraging toys and chewable perches are another great way to provide extra activities for your pet and help to prevent destructive behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parakeet Toys

Since parakeets are active and intelligent birds, provide a variety of interactive and engaging toys and rotate them regularly. Foraging toys, ladders, swings and mirrors are great parakeet toys. Each bird may have a preference on toys, so provide an assortment to prevent boredom or destructive behaviors. Keep in mind that mirrors should be avoided if you want your bird to bond with you—you don't need it falling in love with the bird in the mirror!

A variety of toys is necessary and the actual number will depend on the size of your habitat. Ideally, provide 3 to 4 toys which can be periodically rotated to prevent boredom and stimulate different types of behavior. Toys should always be replaced if excessive wear or damage is present to prevent injury.

Parakeets are great talkers and can learn to mimic certain sounds and words with patience and persistence. These tiny birds can also learn a variety of fun tricks and be very engaging with their person. The possibilities are endless for someone who is willing to spend the time training their feathered friend.