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Parakeet Supplies

Parakeets are social birds and can be kept alone to bond with their pet parent or in pairs to bond with each other. There are a wide variety of habitats and accessories available to help you provide your feathered friend the quality of life it deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

An appropriately sized habitat should contain both a feeder and waterer containing fresh high-quality parakeet food and water, treats—including millet spray, mineral cakes and cuttlebone—habitat paper or litter, variety or perches and toys, bird bath and play gym.

An assortment of parakeet perches and toys are vital to their mental and physical stimulation. Birds can get bored easily and need a variety of items to be able to climb around on and chew—ladders, swings and species-appropriate toys can be rotated weekly.

Contrary to practices of long ago, birds do not need grit to digest their seed. Although, grit composed of oyster shells can be used to provide additional calcium and minerals to your parakeet.