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Parakeet Feeders & Waterers

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Parakeet Feeders and Waterers

Fresh food and water should always be available to your bird using parakeet feeders and waterers. Petco offers a variety of bowls, feeders and waterers for your parakeet—choose from covered feeders that can help reduce spillage or gravity feeders to help keep the contents clean and easily accessible or opt for standard bowls. Whichever container you choose, safely secure it so that your bird cannot knock it over. Keep spray millet off the ground reducing the chance of droppings contaminating it with specialized clips and holders for spray millet. Choosing the right accessories for your bird's habitat will not only help prevent contamination of their food and water, but can help make your life a little easier as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parakeet Feeders and Waterers

There are many different designs—from open bowls to covered crocks or gravity feeders—to choose from. Food and water dishes should be able to be secured to the habitat or specially designed to prevent it from falling over to prevent contamination whenever possible.

Covered bowls will help reduce spillage and mess, as well as help keep the contents clean from dander or droppings.