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Over the Counter Flea & Tick Medicine

Have you noticed your pet excessively licking and scratching? Or maybe you spotted flea eggs in your pet's fur. Your furry friend might have picked up fleas & ticks. Help your pet stay itch-free by preventing and treating flea & tick infestations. Over the counter flea & tick treatments come in many different forms. Tablets, spray, collars, and shampoo are a few treatments to help protect your home from flea & tick infestations. Petco also offers home sprays and cleaning supplies to eliminate lingering fleas or ticks. When it comes to choosing flea & tick treatments for your pets be sure to choose the right medication. Packages are labeled by specific weight, breed size, and pet category. Always check with your veterinarian to assure the proper care for your pet’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many topical flea & tick medications do not require a prescription. Newer oral medications are classified as prescription medications & will require a visit to your veterinary office for a physical examination.

It depends on a few factors such as frequency of bathing, swimming and if your pet has a true flea allergy dermatitis. Your vet might recommend an oral medicine if your pet swims or is bathed frequently but might choose a topical that prevents the flea from biting the skin if your pet has a true flea allergy. Discuss your pet’s needs with your veterinarian to find the proper treatment for them.

Finding an OTC flea treatment for your dog or cat or multiple pet household should depend on many factors and might require some research. Consider the frequency of applications that fit your lifestyle, the amount of topical you’ll need to apply as they come in different total amounts, if your pet swims frequently or is bathed frequently, and if your dog lives with cats; therefore it is best to consult with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may recommend a fast-acting flea & tick preventative to help relieve your dog’s symptoms.

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