Outdoor Dog Kennels

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Outdoor Dog Kennels

When it comes to buying an outside dog kennel, think about how, when and why your pup will need it. Is this a standing structure in your backyard, will you only bring it out on occasion, or do you need it to be fully portable to bring with you when you travel? Petco has a variety of kennels no matter the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best outdoor dog kennel depends on how you plan to use it, your outdoor space, and the size, breed and personality of your pup.

Outdoor kennels give dogs an opportunity to experience sights, smells and sounds that keep their mind active.

You should choose the size of an outdoor kennel based on the size of your dog. You’ll want to make sure they can’t easily jump over the walls.

The best flooring for an outdoor kennel depends on your budget, drainage and cleaning requirements. Common varieties are concrete, stones and grass.