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Orthopedic Dog Beds

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Orthopedic Dog Beds

Most dogs snooze for 12-14 hours a day on average, making it essential to create a comfortable nesting spot for your pup. When considering a dog bed for your pet, take note of unique sleeping behaviors and any health conditions that may affect their quality of sleep. Orthopedic dog beds may be appropriate for senior or injured dogs to help with muscle and joint pain. If you know your canine suffers from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or bone and soft tissue injuries, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to get a therapeutic dog bed recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Orthopedic dog beds are beds designed to help relieve pressure points for senior dogs or dogs with specific health conditions like arthritis or joint pain. That said, all dogs may enjoy the comfort associated with an orthopedic dog bed.

Orthopedic dog beds can provide an added layer of support for your sleeping pooch depending on their age, life stage, and health condition. Senior dogs or dogs with hip and joint issues may benefit from an orthopedic dog bed.

A memory foam dog bed is a type of orthopedic dog bed. Higher-end foam dog beds may provide large breed or senior dogs the support they need. Some orthopedic beds do not contain memory foam. We recommend reviewing the product details prior to purchase to ensure your bed selection meets your dog’s needs.

Orthopedic dog beds can be made from a variety of materials. At Petco we have orthopedic dog beds featuring materials like foam, memory foam, orthopedic foam, polyester, and fiberfill.