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Non-Clumping Cat Litter

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Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Help reduce urine odors in your cat’s litter box with different varieties of non-clumping litter. At Petco, we carry some of the leading kitty litter brands on the market to help you find the ideal litter for your feline. From natural, eco-friendly and dust-free, to scented and crystal litter, Petco has the leading brands that can help control litter box odors in many indoor spaces.

FAQs About Non-Clumping Litter

When used correctly, this type of litter can better remove the odors associated with cat urine than most clumping litter. It can absorb cat urine, and some contain several additives like baking soda and charcoal that help control nasty odors even more. Some non-clumping kitty litter can also dry out solid waste to further reduce odors in the litter box. Additionally, some pet parents prefer non-clumping litter because it’s usually cheaper than clumping litter—while some cats simply like the smell and texture.

The answer to this will usually depend on the preferences of the pet parent. Different brands of non-clumping litter for cats use different methods to keep smelly odors emanating from a litter box. The two main ways of eliminating smells are to dry and absorb waste or add scents covering unpleasant emanations. Some of the most effective odor-eliminating litters are multi-cat litters because they are formulated for heavy use.

Cleaning the litter box can be a deciding factor for pet parents in the clumping vs. non-clumping litter debate. Typically, non-clumping litter requires more work to dispose of than clumping litter, as you must change the entire litter box at once and clean it thoroughly with soap and water. A thorough cleaning can be crucial to eliminating odors if urine begins to pool at the bottom of the litter box due to repeated use.

It is recommended that pet parents dump used and soiled cat litter in an outdoor trash receptacle that can be secured with a lid to prevent the aroma from wafting indoors and avoid attracting other outdoor animals.