No Spill Dog Bowls

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No-Spill Dog Bowls

If you’re tired of mopping up puddles around your dog’s water dish, start looking for spill-proof dog bowls. Petco has a wide variety of some of the best no-spill dog bowls, including bowls with high sides, tip-proof dog bowls and bowls that won’t slide across your floor.

Why does my dog keep tipping their water bowl over?

It can be frustrating to discover your dog’s water bowl tipped over and a large puddle on the floor. Why do some dogs tip over their water bowl? The answer will vary from pup to pup.

Some dogs genuinely delight in playing with water and will consider the water bowl a toy. This is especially true if you have an energetic pup in the house. The best solution may be to offer outdoor water activities that are more tempting than a water bowl. Many dogs love playing in pet pools, for example.

Another reason your dog may flip their water bowl is that the bowl isn’t appropriate for their size. Large dogs may accidentally flip their bowl when bending down to drink, while smaller dogs may struggle with an overly large bowl. You may want to consider offering a raised bowl to taller dogs and a smaller bowl closer to the floor for small dogs.

Finally, some dogs are simply energetic drinkers. They may accidentally flip their bowl in their excitement for a drink or while waiting for their food. In these situations, behavioral training may be a good solution. Cue your dog to sit before they are fed so they don’t dance around their food and water dishes.

No pet parent likes to find puddles around their dog’s water bowl, but your best friend doesn’t know this. Since you can’t explain the situation to your dog, your next best option is to change their drinking setup.

One of the simplest solutions is to place a mat beneath your pet’s food and water bowls to sop up small spills. This is a good solution if your dog tends to slosh water out of the bowl or if they are known for getting a drippy snout after drinking. If your pet has a habit of flipping the water bowl over, consider purchasing a dog bowl that cannot be tipped over, like our no-spill dog bowls.

Other options include putting your water bowl into a holder or buying a water bowl with silicone on the bottom to stop it from sliding across the floor. Finally, some pet parents purchase ceramic water bowls that are heavier—and harder to tip or flip—than plastic or stainless-steel bowls.