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Modern Cat Furniture

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Modern Cat Furniture

No matter your personal style, it may be hard to envision cat trees and towers fitting seamlessly into your interior design aesthetic. Not anymore. In fact, modern cat tree furniture is designed to have a clean, aesthetically appealing look that won’t make your living space feel cluttered.

FAQs About Modern Cat Furniture

Cat trees can be a wonderful choice—for your cat’s well-being and yours. They’re great solutions for lots of reasons, including:

  • Exercise Cat towers can be a great outlet that allows cats to get a workout. Climbing, jumping and playing are all possible on a modern cat tree. Think of it as your cat’s gym equipment.
  • Scratching You’d probably prefer your cat to stay away from your furniture and confine their clawing and scratching to their own modern cat tower. Giving your cat a place to indulge their natural desire to scratch can help save your couch from damage.
  • Personal space Cats are often territorial creatures, and the best cat towers will provide a place for your kitty to call their own. If you’ve ever felt calm and cozy in an overstuffed armchair or a comfy bed, you’ll understand how important a comfortable space of relaxation is for your cat’s peace of mind. Unique cat furniture that looks good in your living area can help give both of you a home that feels personalized.

Cats like to keep an eye on the world around them, so the best place for cat trees and towers is somewhere spacious with a nearby window. Positioning your modern cat furniture against a wall or in a corner can provide structural stability and help make it less likely to be bumped into or over. Ideal locations include living rooms or bedrooms. And keeping cat toys near your wooden cat tree may make your favorite feline feel even more at home

The quality of a cat tree’s construction and your cat’s personal habits will help determine how often your luxury cat furniture needs to be replaced. Pay attention to things like whether the cat tree is getting wobbly, if any parts appear loose, whether the exterior is highly scratched up or how dirty it is. While your cat’s litter box and some accessories should be replaced every year or so, you’re likely to get multiple years of use out of your modern cat tree.

The best cat towers are well crafted, provide plenty of space for your cat to climb and rest and fit the aesthetic of your dwelling. Petco’s modern cat furniture can look right at home in your living area and help give your cat a hangout all their own.