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Miscellaneous Saltwater Invertebrates

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Miscellaneous Saltwater Invertebrates

The wonderful world of invertebrates makes up a diverse array of unusual and colorful creatures. There are numerous species of snails, hermit crabs, starfish and shrimp that become housekeepers. Snails and hermit crabs will consume large amounts of algae, keeping the glass, substrate and decor clean. They, along with starfish and shrimp will also consume uneaten food and detritus. There are species of shrimp, like the cleaner shrimp, that will act as doctors, picking parasites off fish helping to keep them healthy. One needs to be careful when selecting an invertebrate for a reef aquarium.

FAQs About Miscellaneous Saltwater Invertebrates

Invertebrates include animals lacking a vertebral column, aka backbone.

There are millions of invertebrates and not all are safe to place into a reef aquarium, so be sure to research each species carefully.

Because aquatic life is sensitive to rapid changes in water chemistry, it is best to slowly acclimate your new aquatic life to your aquarium. Please refer to the Petco Aquatic Life Acclimation Guide care sheet.

There are several species of snails, hermit crabs, starfish and shrimp that can help remove algae, uneaten food and detritus, as well as removing parasites from your fish.